Beauty Acupuncture

“After a serie of acupuncture treatments with Isabelle my complexion was fresh and healthy. Some fine lines have disappeared and deeper lines were softer. The dark circles under my eyes diminished and even the pores of my nose were smaller. After each treatment, I felt better and better, and I became calmer. My skin felt very soft. Thank you Isabelle!” – Astrid

Beauty Acupuncture is an effective, safe, painless, natural and economic alternative for plastic surgery and botox.  It rejuvenates and refreshes the face naturally. This gives you a healthy look!

Beauty Acupuncture is a natural anti-aging therapy that slows down the aging process.  The ultra thin needles stimulate the body to make collagen.  Collagen will then fill in the lines and wrinkles and thereby the lines will decrease and become softer.

Beauty Acupuncture uses medicinal herbs, diet and lifestyle advice, special light therapy and topical treatments with the finest natural oils and creams. Together, these therapies provide the natural recovery of the skin moisture and a radiant glow to the skin.