Cost of the consultation

Silver Treatment: 1 hour/ 75 euro
The Silver Treatment is especially good for a person between the age of 20 and 35 years old.  With a younger person the recovery process is relatively fast and the treatment period is shorter.  The Silver Treatment can also be used to prevent deeper lines, puffiness, dark circles under the eyes etc.

The Golden Treatment:  1 hour 30 / 110 euro
The Golden Treatment is suitable for women of all ages.  This treatment includes different oriental anti-aging techniques which are very effective: one of them is a natural lifting technique by stretching gently the facial muscles. A relaxing and rejuvenating experience!

The Diamond Treatment: 2 hours / 130 euro
The Diamond Treatment is suitable for everyone.  This is a more intensive treatment with even more different massage techniques aimed at anti-aging.  During this treatment your face is flooded with the highest quality essential oils, natural creams and medicinal herbal masks.  This treatment is a treat for body and mind!

After each treatment you receive an invoice that will be completely or partly reimbursed by your complementary health insurance, depending on your coverage for acupuncture.  In case you are unable to come to your appointment, you can reschedule at least 24 hours in advance without any costs.  Patients who don’t show up for their appointment or don’t call off in time, will be charged 50 % of the treatment costs.