About Isabelle Chopinet


Isabelle Chopinet is a licensed board Chinese medicine practitioner from California who is a specialist in Cosmetic/Beauty Acupuncture and skin problems.  She is a graduate of the Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles where she studied Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbal medicine).  She is also a graduate of the Center of Research of Traditional Acupuncture in Paris (C.R.E.A.T).   She studied with famous New Yorker doctors in the field of Cosmetic/Beauty Acupuncture such as Dr. Ping Zhang, Virginia Doran, Mary-Elizabeth Wakefield  and Martha Lucas in America, London and Amsterdam.  She has also been studying with the professor Lillian Pearl Bridge from America “Face Reading in Chinese Medicine”.

She is integrating as well modern and performing technique to ancient oriental technique for optimal health and wellness.  Isabelle has a diverse understanding of both health and beauty needs and is able to combine these in her practices and successfully services people of all ages with very different and specific needs.  She is very passionate about helping people and is still amazed and enthused by the results.  She also practices a form of meditation from the Bouddha school  (www.falundafa.org).