Our philosophy

The main focus of Beauty Acupuncture is Health & Beauty. As said the ancients in the East beauty comes from inside and is a reflection of our health. We will first regulate the internal disharmony of the body to treat the outside and beauty will manifest naturally. Those disharmonies manifest in our outward appearances such as tired eyes, sagging, dry / oily and wrinkled skin, pale skin color, luster hair, gray hair, hair loss, sagging breast etc.

In Ancient China, people had a different philosophy about life; they tried their best to keep a righteous mind and behavior and to be in harmony with heaven and earth. Certain mentalities will create certain lines on the face. For example, frustration and anger could manifest as lines between the eyebrows, sadness as lines below the eyes etc. Lines on the face all have a meaning and can also tell a lot about our internal physiology.

Over the years, bad thoughts and negative emotions can mark our face. Good thoughts will leave a beautiful skin. We will share with you the importance to keep a harmonious mind. This state of mind has a tremendous effect on the body and our internal and external beauty. The techniques of Peach & Pearl Beauty Acupuncture will bring back beauty, radiance, vitality, well being and health.